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What the students say...

I love the Tertulias. They are lively and very well organized. Román is an excellent facilitator and always gives us interesting topics.
Cathy Kehrwald, Retired Language Teacher
If you want to learn Spanish while having great fun, check out Spanish Class Minnesota. Roman is a wonderful teacher who reaches people with all types of learning styles. Class is a mixture of conversation, reading stories, watching movies, singing songs, and yes, learning grammar. Because Roman weaves grammar into all the other activities, learning the verb tenses and vocabulary is a more natural process than focusing only on rules and memorization. I love going to class each week, knowing I'll learn a lot about language and culture with classmates who are enjoying it as much as I do.
Emily Kissane, Librarian
Roman integrates student's personal experiences into each class, making it easy, enjoyable & relevant. After 2 years with Roman I'm already comfortable traveling alone in Latin American countries.
Christina Connelly, International Trade Manager, MN Department of Agriculture
Studying Spanish with Roman Soto has helped me achieve a new level of fluency and confidence. His teaching style is engaging, inspiring and motivating. His approach makes learning easy and fun. Results? On a recent trip to Central America, I received many compliments on my Spanish. Again and again people said to me: "Tú hablas bien." Translation: You speak well. I'm no genius when it comes to language learning. To hear this kind of compliments is testimony that with this approach you will not only learn the language, but will also be able to speak it with confidence and accuracy, all over the world, from Mexico to Spain to South America!
Curtis West, Marketing Communications
Class focuses on conversation, weaving in new vocabulary, grammar and Hispanic culture. Because we practice verb use and sentence formation by talking about our lives, past and future, I have gotten to know some wonderful people while learning Spanish.
Kitty Gogins, Business Consultant
Spanish Class Minnesota has helped me maintain and improve the Spanish I learned in college by attending the weekly tertulia group.
Kerry Gamble, teacher
You will never, ever, find a better Spanish teacher than Roman Soto. He is skilled and patient. The class is relaxed and fun. He teaches from academic expertise plus personal experience. Fantastic teacher.
Sheila OKeefe, Nurse Practitioner
I have enjoyed every minute in Spanish Classes with Roman and my fellow students! I love the intimate and small class size & all the individualized attention we received. I decided to take Spanish to develop a second language & for future travel plans... I never knew it would be so much fun, I would meet new friends, & gain new confidence through trying something new! La clase de Español de Minnesota es fantástica! Gracias Roman.
Katie Owins, Small Business Owner
I started at Spanish Class Minnesota in 2009 and I enjoy it immensely. Román is flexible with the curriculum, always making it interesting, and his keen sense of humor makes the classes fun. My Spanish skills have improved greatly since I enrolled. I highly recommend SCM.
Tony Nasseff, Operating Engineer
I enjoy the ability to have discussions about political events and learning about the history of South American countries in the Spanish Class Minnesota classes. My main purpose of attending "conversation" classes is to maintain fluency in Spanish in order to promote communication in the hospital where I work and in conversing with people in my travels. Spanish Class MN has given me this opportunity in comfortable surroundings and small group discussions.
Meg Dornfeld, RN
If you want excellent results in improving your Spanish language skills, this is the class for you! I have attending the conversation class for the last two and a half years and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The setting is relaxed and informal, and Roman makes learning and improving my conversation skills fun and informative. The class discussions about history, culture, music, and movies of Spain and Latin America in a small class environment have been very enriching. Roman is also willing to review points of grammar. I heartily recommend Spanish Class MN for people interested in learning Spanish or improving their Spanish language skills.
Peter Kiernan, Retired
Having tried so many Spanish classes, this is one of the most comprehensive and also friendly classes I have been to.
Behnaz Movahedi, FP
Perfect atmosphere to learn a language! I enjoy flexible small group learning environment and the teaching methods. Great for adult learning. Thanks for creating this environment for us.
Ipek Uzer Stephenson, Freelance Consultant
I am so happy with my experience at Spanish Class Minnesota. I have taken classes from 5 different instructors / organizations and this is definitely the best. In our 2 hour classes, we use our Spanish to talk about what's happening in our lives as well as to explore Latin American and Spanish culture. Román combines this with grammar lessons and specific topics that help us expand our vocabulary. My Spanish comprehension is improving as I listen to my colleagues and Román throughout class. The small groups make it possible for everyone to speak, listen, ask questions and get to know each other.
Laura Hamilton, Retired Executive
Roman Soto is a great Spanish teacher. He has a clear and engaging style, and he creates a comfortable and supportive learning environment. Most importantly, he teaches Spanish by creating opportunities for students to use the language in practical ways. I highly recommend his class.
Susan, Tertulia student
What I love about Roman's classes is all the things we read & talk about famous writers, artists, musicians, as well as history and politics of other countries. The ideas are so interesting I forget to be self-conscious about my Spanish. Roman's teaching approach is unique & has been wonderful for me.
Rose Condon, Marketing Directorr
I have recommended Spanish Class Minnesota to many friends who also now attend Roman's classes. A great experience!
Ann Fox, Nurse
This is an adult approach to learning a language. I have enjoyed learning Spanish through the study of literature, film and music.
Mary E. McGinnes, Retired Lawyer
Roman Soto is an ideal teacher for adult language learners —patient, helpful & encouraging. I didn't think I'd be able to learn a new language, but Roman has helped me to gain the confidence to try and it has turned out to be more enjoyable than I had thought! Thanks Professor Soto!
Pam Van Coevering, Research Program Director
I've taken Spanish classes with Román Soto for over a year now and absolutely love it! I did study Spanish in college, but lost much of it over the years. After taking Román's classes, I feel more and more confident when I visit México every year and have been complimented on my pronunciation. I've also been able to translate some materials in my work place without having to hire a professional translation service.

It's such a treat to take Spanish with someone who used to be a Spanish professor at Augsburg College, especially when we're able to receive such individualized attention (the classes are small). He has a great teaching style and a wonderful sense of humor! You'll learn not only vocabulary and grammar, but conversation and culture as well. I highly recommend Spanish Class MN!!!
Ginny Dodds, State Government Manager
I had never studied Spanish before enrolling in Spanish Class Minnesota, I'm now in my second year and am enjoying it immensely. Roman has a very supportive, engaging, and interesting way of teaching and the small classes are a lot of fun.
Martin Bruhl, Retired Ophthalmologist
The Tertulia classes are great! Having studied Spanish for many years as a young adult, I was never able to use the language in my profession. Now I enjoy practicing Spanish in a very rewarding and relaxed atmosphere!
Kristin Kramer, Certified Nursing Assistant
I keep coming back, because I've made good friends in our small class, and we have a lot of fun. Oh, and my Spanish has improved a lot.
David Handy, Retired
This class is a great place to learn Spanish. The people are interesting and I felt welcome immediately!
Kayla Kelsey, Ameri Corps Volunteer
I have studied Spanish with Dr. Roman Soto for four years. He not only teaches the basics, but also some of the more complex issues. He is sensitive to the needs of the individual student and adjusts to these needs. Classes are generally divided into sections: Conversations, exercises, Spanish culture, and review of homework activities. Roman has a well developed sense of humor making the weekly sessions most enjoyable.
Robert E. Johnson, Retired
I've studied languages in a variety of settings, and my Spanish Class MN experience is the friendliest and the most immediately relevant to real-life situations for using a new language.
Susan Cathey, Retired Teacher
I wondered if I could learn another language. A home-based language program wasn’t enough. I needed the personal instruction, feedback, and support from group classes at Spanish Class Minnesota. I started with Beginner I and am now enjoying lively conversations in an Intermediate/Advanced class. I don't wonder anymore. Yo hablo español.
Karin Green, Retired
What impressed me most about Spanish Class MN — and what kept bringing me back — was Roman Soto's refreshingly personal approach: his emphasis was always on what I wanted to know, what I wanted to say, on how I could and would use Spanish effectively at work, at home, and in my community. It's that clear focus on the student's interests that truly distinguishes Spanish Class MN from other language schools.
Stanley Romanstein, Ph.D.
My initial choice of Spanish Class Minnesota was based on the small size, a native speaker instructor and convenient class times. I have continued because of the helpfull and interesting course materials and the warm learning atmosphere created by the instructor.
Jessica Austin, Retired Goverment Employee
This class —La Tertulia— is like a class in graduate school at a University.
Bruce Grostephan, Attorney
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